About Universitas Ciputra

Universitas Ciputra is a University that is started by Indonesian entrepeneur Ir. Ciputra, Chairman of Ciputra Group.

This Surabaya based school is located on Ciputra’s own sub-urban satellite city Citra Raya. Its location is far from the town’s buzzing atmosphere and is the perfect place to study, all the while Harboring the Spirit of Excellence of the group, Universitas Ciputra’s goal is to create a study place that is full of integrated entrepeneur values.

Here you will learn how to become an entrepeneur, all the while studying your choice of field of study. The values of entrepeneurship is embedded in each subject which will make students ready to jump into the real world of business and become an entrepeneur of his own.

Our Vision

  • To be a great impact to the nation by being auniversity that creates entrepreneurs with excellent character

Our Mission

  • To cultivate an entrepreneurial mentality
  • To foster character excellence as entrepreneurs
  • To encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship
  • To develop entrepreneurial skills

Our Values

  • Believing in God the creator, sustainer, and provider
  • Respect the dignity and creativity of others
  • Promote entrepreneural spirit
  • Continually strive for excellent
  • Provide holistic education


Link : https://www.uc.ac.id/